niche property

Discover our Niche Property facility. 

Are you tired of turning away clients due to the challenges of finding suitable coverage for their unique properties? Our Niche Property specialist product allows you to underwrite high-risk properties with ease.

The terms ‘distressed’ or ‘non-standard’ no longer mean substandard risks. Our niche property facility empowers us to underwrite property risks that are invariably declined by the traditional markets, providing a lifeline for clients with challenging property types.

Discover a wealth of Niche Property opportunities

  • Cladding Issues, including High Rise properties
  • Lack of Fire Breaks
  • Compartmentation
  • Timber Clad and Timber Balconies
  • Unoccupied properties
  • Multi Tenure buildings
  • Listed Buildings with specialised requirements
  • Industrial buildings with non-approved composite panels, including EPS
  • Food risks with non-approved composite panels, including EPS
  • Woodworking exposures

Tailored coverage options for every scenario

  1. First Loss: Specific coverage for primary risks.
  2. Full Value: Comprehensive coverage for total peace of mind.
  3. XOL (Excess of Loss): Tailored solutions for unique coverage needs.

Collaborate with our experienced underwriters

Our dedicated team of experienced underwriters are ready to collaborate with you to provide the best solutions for your clients. See below for their details.

Affordable premiums, expansive opportunities

Our minimum premiums start at just £750 + IPT, making it easier for your clients to access specialised coverage without breaking the bank.


Your expert team

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