Schemes & DUA Management

including Portfolio Transfers

Do you have a scheme or delegated underwriting authority that needs managing for you?
We can help
Do you need more GWP on your facility and are prepared to selectively use our broker distribution?
We can help
Are you looking to create a new scheme and require support?
We can help

​Most people know us from the niche products we underwrite in the following sectors:

  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Liability & Construction
  • Property & Commercial
  • Travel & Tour

We do however, offer Schemes and DUA (Delegated Underwriting Authority) Management for brokers in all areas. We can:

Manage your new or existing scheme / DUA contract

Manage the DUA with capacity providers and use our own systems and controls

Build the scheme/DUA on our broker platform with access only by you or other brokers chosen by you. So you will have an efficient “quote and buy” facility online for you to use with ability to complete monthly bordereaux.

Help with obtaining capacity if needed

Allow use of our distribution channels to increase earning and visibility of your scheme

Our aim is to provide you with the tools to bring to market a unique proposition, tailored to your clients. With our experience, flexibility and distribution network, we are able to deliver the support you require. We will consider all types of facilities and current incomes are not an issue.

Contact us to discuss opportunities further.