We are fighting for vulnerable children with new Action Medical Research charity partnership

2021 sees the launch of a new partnership with children’s charity Action Medical Research.

Action has been saving and changing children’s lives through medical research for nearly 70 years and have been involved with medical breakthroughs that have changed the lives of millions worldwide.

They developed the vaccine that crippled polio, gave birth to the medical use of ultrasound, discovered the importance of taking folic acid during pregnancy, gave vaccines for rubella and meningitis a shot in the arm, delivered the ground-breaking cooling therapy for pre-term babies that is now used worldwide, and we even got hip replacements up and running!

There are plans for many activities throughout the year to get involved with (COVID allowing) and even in these strange times we hope to smash the amount raised for our previous charity.

We hope to walk, cycle, play golf, quiz and lots more throughout the year – more details will follow in due course.

As a team we look forward to supporting Action to fund vital research to help defeat the diseases that devastate the lives of sick and disabled babies, children and young people.

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