Our capacity provider Allianz, shares how they are continuing support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year was a challenging year for individuals and businesses alike, and many of these challenges look set to continue into 2021 as the UK finds itself in a further national lockdown. Allianz wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of the support options which remain in place for your customers, including financial help with premium payments, their stance on unoccupied premises and their approach to temporary cover enhancements. Further, with the Brexit deal now finalised, they have an important update on Green Cards.

Premium payment options

Allianz have a number of premium support options in place and can work with you to identify the most appropriate solution for your individual customers. They continue to accept instalment applications from customers via their online application form. They also have the opportunity to defer payment on instalments by up to 3 months for unincorporated* customers. They’ll consider requests for deferred payments from incorporated customers on a case by case basis. Visit our website for more information.

Unoccupied premises

Allianz know that many businesses have once again been left with unoccupied premises due to the latest government restrictions and they’ve therefore adopted a more flexible approach to unoccupancy conditions.

As we continue through the winter months and with reports of colder weather on the way, there may be a heightened risk of freezing and burst pipes in unoccupied premises. Allianz have prepared some useful  guidance to assist customers in preparing and protecting their premises.

Temporary cover enhancements

They understand that many businesses continue to operate a working from home model at this time. With this in mind, they’ve automatically extended policies to provide cover for property temporarily removed from the business premises, where this was not already included. Visit the Allianz website to learn more.

Green Cards

Since 1 January 2021, any customers who intend to drive their vehicles outside of the UK require a printed Green Card to prove they have the minimum compulsory insurance required by law to drive in the country they intend to visit. Allianz have created a simple online service for you to request a Green Card for your customers. Visit their Brexit Hub for more information.

A wealth of further information can be found on their Coronavirus Resource Hub, including guidance on supporting a remote workforce, tips for safely managing data, and customer and supplier-related FAQs.

Managing mental health

It’s understandable that current events are exacerbating stress and anxiety for many people which can manifest in a number of ways. You can find a number of links and resources designed to help with managing mental health on our Coronavirus Resource Hub, including resources provided by Allianz’s charity partner – mental health charity Mind