Slip test

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  • A slip accident occurred on a poolside with a £100,000+ insurance claim reserve value.
  • If successful, this will drive up operator’s insurance premium hugely.
  • A sub-standard floor had been installed by the council – it never met the HSE benchmark for what is safe.
  • But the operator didn’t know, because it had never done slip testing.
  • Legal bills are mounting and a difficult conversation will be had with the client as to who pays for the claim and what to do with the unsafe floor (the operator doesn’t own the building, in this case, whereas your client may own theirs).

If your client has not got slip testing data, they should get this done for all their foreseeably wet areas (poolsides of course if they have them, but also entrance areas, kitchens, washrooms etc).

As we know, Insurance premiums are rising across the board due to a hard insurance market plus the effects of Covid. Having proven risk management is the best way to mitigate this and save money.

Insurers will typically fund slip testing – Slip Safety Services do a lot of this work.


Right now, Slip Safety Services are offering a limited number of free slip tests!


If you would like further details, contact Slip Safety Services directly, or schedule an appointment.

Slip Safety Services are a floor maintenance business with two key specialisms:

  1. The prevention of slips, which are the biggest cause of accident and insurance claim in most sectors with an average claim cost of £10k. Billions of pounds a year are spent as a result of slip accidents.
  2. The cleanliness and hygiene of high traffic, hard-to-clean areas like leisure clubs, kitchens, public thoroughfares and washrooms. Poor brand standards affect customer experience and therefore revenue.
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