The number one Broker Portal issue reported by our brokers was in relation to browser settings.

With Google Chrome being the most popular web browser of the year, it posed some issues. Google Chrome being a US made internet browser upon download comes with US (American) English language and US (American) region settings as default; Americans display dates a little different to ours and as all our brokers are UK based, keeping these default settings may cause issues.

You must ensure that any browser you are using to connect to our Broker Portal, has its settings correctly amended to be the UK English equivalent. E.g. GB (United Kingdom) English language and GB (United Kingdom) English region settings.

How to amend your settings

Guides on how to amend these language settings may be found with a quick Google search, using words such as ‘browser’ ‘change’ ‘language’ ‘region’ ‘settings’. We recommend you speak with your own IT department or IT support company to check/amend these settings.

Forgotten your password?

Simply request a new one online – all you need is your username and the email address you registered with.