working at height - construction

How to manage the inherent risks of working at height.

Many of us work at height, sometimes without realising that we are, for example standing on a stool to reach a high shelf in the office or using low steps. Working at height is anything that is above ground level.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 define a fall from height as a fall from one level to another level.  It does not, however, include a fall from a slip or trip on the same level or walking up and down a permanent staircase in a building.

There are many areas to consider. Read and share the Aviva best practice guide around working at height, including tips to minimise the risk of personal injuries occurring. Additionally, it should assist with improving claims defensibility prospects.

It includes:

  • Eliminating the need to work at height
  • Risk assessment
  • Incident investigations
  • Stair and step considerations
  • Hot work on roofs
  • Checklist

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