How racking and shelving is particularly relevant within wholesale and retail businesses.

Racking in a warehouses needs to be fit for purpose, of a safe condition, properly installed and well maintained to prevent accidents which can cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Signs, such as notes about weight limits, and markings like lines on the shelves to show the minimum distance from the edge an item can be safely placed are simple but effective starting points to prevent the structure from becoming unstable or objects falling from it. Racking systems should also be suitably protected against damage due to impacts from lift trucks, roll cages and other vehicles or moving objects by the installation of barriers and guards and through effective site traffic management.

When carrying out risk assessments relating to a shelving or racking system, don’t forget that the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) will probably apply, even if machinery, such as a lift truck, is being used to reach items on high shelves. There can be a risk to anyone in the vicinity from falling objects while items are being shifted onto or off a shelf.

For further advice on how to avoid accidents, read and share information provided by one of our capacity providers, Allianz.

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