Gap Protect

Gap Protect

If your client's vehicle is stolen and not recovered or in an accident and declared a total loss, they may not receive the amount they originally paid for the vehicle, or the finance outstanding from their motor insurer. Gap Insurance will fill this void for client's who purchase a new or used vehicle. Are your client's covered?


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878,000 vehicle-related thefts in the year ending Sep 2014 or, 1 vehicle-related theft every 36 seconds.          500,000 cars are written-off annually (
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  Fact 4
40% of stolen vehicles are not restored to their owner (    If a new car written off in the first year of ownership, on average consumers lose £6,124 ( 
Fact 5
 On average 585 cars are reported stolen every day (    


About Gap Protect

  • An insurance policy that pays the shortfall between a car owner’s main car insurance policy pay-out and the original purchase price of the car, when the car is written off because of an accident or an unrecovered theft.

  • Available for both Personal and Commercial client's for HGV tractor units or rigid lorries weighing 3.5 to 44 tonnes (not incl. trailer units), Taxis and Driving Instructor cars.

  • Provided the vehicle is not more than eight years old, less than £150,000 value and has not registered more than 80,000 miles service, a GAP policy may be effected.

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How to access this product

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