Slip Safety


Complimentary access to Slip Safety tools for our policyholders

Might you be heading for a fall?

Prevention is better than a claim which is why the ‘Slip Safety Scorecard’ was created.

Slips and falls are the largest cause of accident, injury and insurance claim in the UK (300,000 A&E admissions & £1bn+ of claims). Yet, the risk can often be overlooked.

This self-assessment tool has been designed to show you where your site is strongest, and where there is room for improvement in stopping slips:

  • Takes just 3 minutes
  • Completely free
  • Receive customised results, instantly in a PDF report
  • Get a bespoke action plan, based on your results
  • Recommended by insurers and lawyers
Discover your slip safety score now

Reduce your slip accident and claim exposure in three steps with The SAFER Portal.

Using the SAFER Portal, you can better recognise your slip risks; reduce the frequency of accidents, injuries and claims; and record your actions to improve claims defensibility.

Watch this walk through of The SAFER Portal including how to sign up, how to navigate all the education, tools, tracking and self-assessment diagnostic, and the main benefits from a customer and broker perspective.

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