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Getting the building sums insured correct ensures your client is adequately covered in the event of a claim


Underinsurance is an industry wide issue. We have partnered with to help tackle this problem by encouraging our broker partners to carry out an assessment for each of their clients!

It is important that we establish the correct building sums insured so we can set the correct premium. If your client is under insured in the event of a claim, they could be left out of pocket for a large sum of money!

Watch the recording of our LearnPad Webinar where we discuss the ‘Underinsurance Epidemic’ in more detail.

About Rebuild Cost Assessment offers desktop and on-site rebuild cost assessments to businesses and homeowners.

What is a Rebuild Cost Assessment?

A Rebuild Cost Assessment provides comprehensive information on how much a property would cost to rebuild from scratch if it was completely destroyed. So why would a business or homeowner need this information? The answer is insurance. The amount a building should be insured for is the amount it would cost to rebuild, not the market value, and it is important a building is insured for the correct amount.

What is an ‘insurance shortfall’?

An insurance shortfall occurs when the amount a building is insured for is not enough. In the event of a claim for fire, flood, storm or other disaster, a shortfall can lead to the amount an insurer pays out being reduced. It has been estimated that around 80% of property owners are at risk from an insurance shortfall. Having an up-to-date and reliable Rebuild Cost Assessment helps businesses and homeowners avoid the potentially devastating consequences of having an insurance shortfall.

Touchstone Underwriting underinsured

Creating an account is straightforward

If you do not already have an account with Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA), simply contact Ewan Sandison at RCA and mention Touchstone Underwriting.

01305 215 576
07849 116 964

Ewan will then set you/your Brokerage up as a user and run through the process of requesting a Rebuilding Valuation. The cost for a Desktop Valuation is £114.79 + VAT*.

*additional charges apply for Site Survey visits, multi-location requests and certain Listed Buildings.

Desktop valuations are suitable for single Buildings with a Declared Value of up to £10m. Desktop valuations are generally made available within 6 working days after submission.

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