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Specialist cover for physical loss of or damage to goods whilst in transit including imports to and exports from the UK and ‘world to world’ shipments


This cover is available to be purchased by UK-domiciled wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. It indemnifies the Loss or damage for most commodity types, whether conveyed by sea, air or land. We can cater for many types of Goods including refrigerated / frozen goods.

Annual premiums from £500 +IPT

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Key benefits

Cover for physical loss of or damage to goods whilst in transit

Cover available for transits within the UK up to £30M annually

Imports/Exports up to £10M annually per geographical area (e.g. UK to/from Europe)

Maximum limit of indemnity up to £1.5M any one transit


We will cover:

  • Air Freight replacement charges
  • Buyers/Sellers contingency cover
  • Brands and labels clause
  • Concealed damage clause
  • Destruction by Governmental Authorities
  • Fumigation costs
  • 24-hour claims notification service
Optional covers

  • UK and worldwide Exhibitions, Demonstrations and Trade Fairs
  • Tools and Samples coverage

Why Cargo insurance?

Who needs it?

For many SMEs, the products they ship are the lifeblood of their business. The loss of a shipment can jeopardize their future. Insurance is crucial to safeguard their balance sheet and livelihoods.

Carrier coverage gaps

Shippers and carriers often have insurance gaps that leave cargo owners vulnerable. Legal liability is limited, and even if claims are paid, they may not cover the full value of damaged or lost goods.

Hidden risks unveiled

Owners of cargoes that survive an incident at sea can be forced to compensate others whose cargo was abandoned to protect the ship, under the ‘general average’ rule. This can be expensive without insurance.

Target Business

UK-domiciled wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers.

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