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Our Management Liability Policy (MLP) enables policyholders to proactively manage people, contracts, premises, and data, helping them identify and mitigate risks. It provides protection against claims and offers access to rradar, a specialised law firm, to handle potential issues before they become claims, ensuring the organisation and its directors and officers are safeguarded. rradar also offers a variety of proactive services to assist and guide policyholders through any business challenges they encounter.

There are three sections under the MLP:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Corporate Legal Liability

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Key documents

Understanding the differences

AXA MLP vs MLP Market Standard

Scenarios under the MLP

Services under the MLP

Policy Wording

UK Companies

Policy Wording

UK Charities & Associations

Policy Wording

Residential Management Associations & Companies

Policy Overview

Residential Management Associations & Companies

Key benefits

Wide cover as standard

Cover for employment, regulatory, pensions, circumstance investigation, contractual defence and pursuit, pollution and claims as standard.

Any one claim limits

Each section gives cover up to the selected limit for any one claim. There’s no limitation on the number of claims that can be made in any one period of insurance.

Innovative covers

Including Brexit, tax investigation, restrictive covenant and property dispute pursuit and Third Party fraud covers.

Access to rradar

Expert legal, regulatory and risk management advice.
Legal Advice Line for 1:1 guidance on how to stop or avoid legal problems escalating into claims and unlimited access to resources and tools.


Cover automatically responds to most changes in your business such as the purchase of another company.

Support against

All UK regulators, all investigations and all prosecutions..


  • Regulatory intervention
  • Pensions
  • Pollution
  • Employment claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Employee theft / third party fraud
  • Brexit
  • Data protection & GDPR


As part of our MLP, your client will get access to the following benefits at no extra cost.

Proactive support

  • Legal advice line
    Phone and email service available Mon-Fri, 8am – 6pm


  • Legal and business risk  management tools
    24/7 unlimited access to online legal resource documents, digital incident recording platform, legal assistant app and a business risk analysis tool.


  • Legal and regulatory updates
    Delivered though a variety of digital platforms

Claims & crisis management

  • Out of hours crisis line
    Available 24/7 365 in case of Business Crime and Regulatory emergencies.


  • Legal privileged advice
    Confidential and protected advice from UK-based specialist legal teams. All discussions are protected from disclosure to Third Parties.


  • Legal representation
    Full UK-wide legal representation for claims and investigations.

Target Business

We have a wide appetite to write UK registered companies including: wholesale, manufacturing, leisure, charities, manufacturing, retail, software & tech, motor trade, construction, property owners and many more.
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