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Engineering Inspection Services (& Insurance)

Combine an Inspection service with Insurance cover or simply choose an Inspection only cover.

We're the only MGA to have a Delegated Authority to transact Machinery Options business on behalf of Allianz.


To comply with health and safety law, businesses need to have their plant, machinery, and other equipment inspected regularly. Our Machinery Options policy enables your clients to choose which items of plant and machinery they want to insure and select the cover that is most appropriate. Cover is suited to businesses of all sizes from a variety of sectors.

Flexible coverage

With Machinery Options, you can combine an Inspection service with Insurance cover or simply choose an Inspection only cover. The Insurance aspect includes the cost of repair or replacement of the inspected machinery following sudden and unforeseen damage and/or damage to surrounding property. What’s more, clients can purchase as a standalone policy or simply add to their existing policies.

Allianz have a network of over 630 Engineer Surveyors in the UK & Ireland

Over 3.6M items inspected by Allianz (2022) with a customer satisfaction score of 4.9/5 star

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6 reasons why clients need Machinery Options Insurance

A typical property policy would offer protection against risks such as theft, flood, and fire


Standalone machinery products commonly insure against events such as electrical short circuits, mechanical failure, and motor burnouts, as well as damages resulting from accidental events, explosions, or collapses.

Coverage provided is suitable for businesses of various sizes and sectors


Machinery policies can be customised to address a broad range of risks, ranging from small manufacturing risks to large property owner portfolios.

People make Mistakes

Unlike a property policy, a machinery policy will cover operator errors. For example, when a machine has been set up incorrectly and damage is then caused when in use.

Machinery Insurance can help businesses meet leasing companies’ requirements

Lease agreements often state that it is the lessor’s responsibility to repair or replace machinery if it is damaged or destroyed while in their care.

Financial stability can be safeguarded

Any downtime for any business can result in a loss of income and/or additional expenditure, and many firms may start to have serious liquidity problems within a few weeks of essential machinery being unavailable.

Maintenance is no guarentee

Your client may be meticulous with their inspection and maintenance programmes, but damage does happen and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Inspection Services

Cover is available for a wide selection of plant including:

    • Lifting Plant Services

      Motor Trade (vehicle lifting table)

      Property (lifts)

      Haulage/Logistics (dock leveller)

      Manufacturing (forklifts)

    • Substances hazardous to health

      Motor Trade (painting booth)

      Manufacturing (sawdust, metal grinding)

      Food & Drink (chlorine dioxide sanitisation)

    • Use of work equipment

      Metal workers (power press)

      Paper & Board (guillotine)

      Plastics (injection moulding machines)

      Woodworking (circular saws)

  • Pressure Mechanical

    Motor Trade (air receivers)

    Property (air conditioning)

    Food & Drink (refrigeration equipment)

    Hotels & Restaurants (cafe boilers)

  • Electrical

    Almost every location will have electrical wiring installed. The complexity and size of the installation will depend on the type of location

    EV Chargers

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