Excess of loss

Liability & Construction

Excess layer of up to £30m (PL) and £10m (EL). Premiums start from £100.


This policy is most commonly used for excess Public/Products liability covers but may in addition include Employers Liability (but not in isolation).

In certain trades or industries the risks your clients are exposed to may exceed the standard limits on their current insurance policy. We can provide the additional limit of indemnity required. Excess layers of liability are inexpensive but the price of being under insured could be catastrophic to your clients business.

The Ogden discount rate was one of the most important changes that faced our industry. Since March 2017, the Ogden discount rate reduced from 2.5% to -0.75%.

Any product that provides cover for Liability (Employers Liability and Public & Products Liability) or Motor (including Motor Trade) will be affected. This also includes Property-led products such as Property Owners and Landlords.

Review your clients’ cover limits to ensure they have adequate levels of cover to account for higher claims payments in the future. Many policies have limits of £5M or £10M and with the new discount rate, these may need to be increased.

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Key documents

Policy Wording

Key benefits

No limit on North American exports

No limit on size/turnover

Up to £30m Limit of Indemnity layer for products /public liability

Up to £10m Limit of Indemnity layer for employers liability


Product Liability options for:

  • explosives or ammunition (although Fireworks are excluded)
  • gases and air
  • Power Generation plant and supply equipment and telecommunications equipment
  • chemical products and pharmaceutical products.
  • medical products
  • aviation products
  • motor vehicles and component parts for motor vehicles
  • Animal Feed
  • Marine products

Risks where the Insured own operate or possess any of the following;

  • Railways
  • Mines, quarries or collieries
  • Bulk oil and gas storage facilities
  • Chemical works
  • Professional sporting events
  • Hotel & Leisure

There are also options for work at “hazardous locations”, airports or aerodromes, on ships or within ship breaking yards, offshore and tunneling.

Target Business

We may consider most UK-based companies including those with overseas sales or operations and multinational organisations. For companies with North American turnover, there is no limit on exports.
  • Tour Operators
  • Healthcare Trusts
  • Contractors including Roofers & Scaffolders
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • IT/Technology
  • Property Owner Liability

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