Environmental Impairment Liability

Oil & Fuel Tanks

A separate, easy to arrange environmental insurance policy
for businesses with oil & fuel tanks


If your client owns or operates an oil or fuel tank, they have an environmental exposure.

With annual premiums starting from £392, WorkSpill is a cost-efficient way for businesses to obtain emergency response from pollution specialists and peace of mind insurance cover for statutory clean-up following an oil spill from an insured tank.

Oil spills are among the most common causes of pollution in the UK and can be notoriously difficult, costly and time consuming to clean up. Every year around 3,000 pollution incidents involving oil and fuels are reported to the environmental regulators and if a spill from your client’s oil tank causes, or threatens to cause, environmental damage they will be strictly liable under environmental law to clean it up.

Most business insurance policies do not cover environmental damage and the resultant statutory clean-up costs following a spill from an oil or fuel tank, particularly if such damage is caused by a gradual event such as a leaking underground pipe.

Ensure that you know which of your clients and prospects have oil & fuel tanks and check for gaps in their existing cover using our helpful Mind the Gap document.

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Key documents

Policy wording

Policy overview (IDD Compliant)

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Key benefits

Plugs environmental cover gaps

Emergency response from environmental experts in event of spill from insured tank

Statutory clean-up cover includes own site

Legal defence costs


WorkSpill cover is available with limits from £250,000 up to £5,000,000, and following a spill or leak from an insured tank includes the costs of:

  • Spill response and emergency clean-up by specialists to minimise environmental damage
  • Emergency works
  • Repair or replacement of buildings or structures damaged in the course of responding to an oil spill
  • Statutory clean-up (own site & third party)
  • Liability for property damage and bodily injury to third parties
  • Legal defence costs

WorkSpill is available for above ground tanks that are:

  • Sited in England, Scotland & Wales
  • Fixed i.e. not portable
  • Bunded (integrally or externally)
  • Up to 20 years old
  • Up to 20,000L capacity
  • Purpose made to store oil or fuel
  • In use and well maintained

Target Business

Hotel & Leisure, Golf & Sports Clubs, Educational Establishments, Nursing & Care Homes, Hospitals, Religious Establishments, Village Halls, Financial Institutions & Data Centres, Property Owners (ex-industrial), Country Estates, Housing Associations, Shopping Centres & Retail, Garden Centres. Also, any off-grid business using tanks to store heating oil, and businesses with fuel powered generators.

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