TUL and Kennedys Travel

New Partnership with Kennedys for Pre-Litigation Claims Handling.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Kennedys, aimed at improving pre-litigation claims handling for Tour Operators and Travel Agents. This collaborative effort is designed to provide enhanced support and knowledge, facilitating a more effective claims process for policyholders.

Alan Roe, Managing Director at Touchstone Underwriting, shared his thoughts on the deepening of our relationship with Kennedys  to now encompass pre-litigation claims handling. Roe mentioned,

We have worked closely with Claire Mulligan and her team at Kennedys for more than two decades, and we are looking forward to broadening our partnership to incorporate pre-litigation claims handling. This collaboration allows us to improve our claims service, offering our valued clients the best support possible in their times of need.”

Key benefits for policyholders

  1. Proactive claims strategy
    Kennedys will connect with policyholders and their suppliers at an early stage of a travel liability claim, working to establish a thorough claims handling strategy aimed at achieving favourable outcomes.
  2. End-to-end claims management
    Drawing on their substantial experience with litigated claims, Kennedys aims to provide a comprehensive journey through the claims process, involving everything from recoveries to litigation.
  3. Expertise in travel law
    Kennedys’ team, specialising in travel law, offers invaluable industry experience. Besides handling claims, they also provide additional services such as drafting terms and conditions, contracts, and support on legal matters extending beyond the Package Travel Regulations.

We’re so looking forward to extending our long standing and highly successful relationship with Touchstone Underwriting and supporting their clients. The global travel industry is ever evolving, and we’re pleased that we can work closely with Touchstone and their clients providing assistance from the outset of a claim,” commented Claire Mulligan, Partner at Kennedys.

Implementation and contact information

This improved claims handling service will be available for claims arising after 1st January 2024. Policyholders are encouraged to forward new claim notifications via email to TUL_Claims@t-u-l.co.uk or to contact our dedicated claims team by phone at 01923 298 431 for prompt assistance.

This partnership with Kennedys signifies a significant step forward in claims handling for Tour Operators and Travel Agents, providing policyholders with enhanced support, expertise, and strategic guidance. With this initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to offering superior service and safeguarding the interests of our esteemed clients.

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