Guidance for clients when selecting and managing contractors.

A contractor is regarded as an individual or company who undertakes work on a businesses behalf, but is not an employee; such as builders, joiners, electricians, caterers, etc. A lack of control regarding the selection and use of contractors can and does lead to property damage/losses as well as accidents and injuries, not only to contractors but also to your clients own employees.

Whilst recognising that contractors can bring essential skills to a company; they can also introduce additional hazards given that they are generally less familiar with the workplace within which they are operating.

Accidents have resulted in both prosecutions and civil claims against the employing organisation, in addition to the contractor. The risks attaching to or arising from the activities of contractors will vary, and the approach to risk management should reflect this.

Contracting out a task does not mean you contract out the risk or exposure to assets or business activities.

Sites are most vulnerable to an incident/accident during change. The use of contractors in many cases constitutes a change to the normal.

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Whats included:

  • Legal duties
  • Selecting a contractor
  • Planning the work
  • Permits to work
  • Contractor management on site
  • Contract completion
  • Checklists
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