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Tailored policies that combine standard features with customisable additional cover options to create the ultimate protection package. 

As an Insurance Broker, you understand the importance of providing comprehensive coverage to your hotel clients. Hotels face a multitude of risks that require a specialised insurance solution. That’s where Touchstone Underwriting’s Hotel Insurance comes in. Our tailored policies combine extensive standard features with customisable additional cover options to create the ultimate protection package.

Extensive Standard Features:

Here are some key features that come as standard:

  • Business Interruption cover for infectious disease including Norovirus
  • Loss of income following loss of Head Chef or General Manager
  • Full Theft Cover
  • Average Waiver: We understand that hotel valuations can change over time. With our average waiver feature, we consider 5-year valuations and index linking, ensuring your clients are adequately covered.
  • Chefs Knives: The importance of high-quality chef’s knives in a hotel kitchen cannot be underestimated. Our policy includes coverage for the loss or damage of these essential tools.
  • Free 24-hour crisis management support

Customisable Additional Cover Options:

We believe in providing tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of each hotel. Our Hotel Insurance offers a range of customisable additional cover options, including:

  • Engineering Inspection: Protect against breakdowns and ensure the smooth operation of critical equipment with our Engineering Inspection coverage.
  • Valet Parking & Limited Road Risks: Hotels often offer valet parking services, which come with their own set of risks. Our policy covers valet parking, including loss of use, and extends coverage to unregistered buggies and grounds maintenance equipment.
  • Package Travel Regulations (PTR): If your clients are involved in the tour operator business, our coverage includes compliance with Package Travel Regulations, giving them peace of mind.

When it comes to protecting hotels, our Hotel Insurance offers a unique combination of extensive standard features and customisable additional cover options. With our comprehensive coverage, your clients can rest assured knowing that their business is protected.

Discover the power of customisation and offer your clients the ultimate protection package.
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