Fire safety inspections in the workplace are an important part of every organisation’s loss prevention strategy.

Having a formal system of regular inspections will help to identify potential hazards and allow corrective actions to be implemented. Inspections should be conducted on a regular basis and they should include both internal and external areas of a site.

The results of each inspection and the subsequent corrective actions should be recorded and kept for any future use, such as audits, with remedial actions completed without delay. The findings should be shared with members of the management team to ensure they are aware of any recurrent problems and allow them to provide the right level of support.


Download the Fire Safety Inspections guide for a generic Fire Safety Inspection Checklist which can be tailored to any company.

The Fire Safety Order uses a risk assessment-based approach and is focused on keeping people’s lives safe. Fire risk assessments are a key part of the order. Read further details on the legislation.

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