What’s driving up the cost of claims?

Our capacity provider Aviva ran a series of online Broker Roadshow webinars in February. One seminar focused on Claims Trends where they discussed a number of factors that are affecting the overall rise in the cost of living. They covered increases in the availability and cost of building materials as well as transport-related factors such as a shortage of new vehicles leading to an increased cost of second hand vehicles, all occurring against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the webinar as Aviva’s Director of Commercial Claims, Chris Hughes, is joined by Aviva’s Jonathan Smith, Head of Solutions, Commercial Lines to look at these factors in more detail, examining the impact on increased claims costs.

If you prefer, there is also a document that provides an overview of the different factors.

This information provided by Aviva may be a helpful tool when talking about increasing claims costs and policy rating with our mutual customers.